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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Web Server Vs Application Server, Difference Between

Web Server
  1. Sends Web pages to browsers, that is process input from users, format data, provide security, and perform other tasks
  2. Execute HTML or scripting such as Perl, JavaScript, or VBScript.
  3. Handles only HTTP protocol
  4. Consists of web container alone (Servlet/JSP)
  5. Code has take care of security, transaction, database connectivity and messaging
  6. ISS, Apache Tomcat

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) at a Glance

  1. Java EE application - may contain one or more Java EE components(EJBs, Web modules, resource adapters, or client modules).
  2. Java EE component - can associated deployment descriptor(XML file).
  3. JAR (Java Archive) - ZIP file format and contains Java/Library class files, XML descriptor files, Resource files, static HTML files, Property files.
  4. Java Web application is deployed in a Web Application Archive (WAR) file (.war).
  5. WAR (Web Archive) - contains JAR files (lib), Java class files(classes), servlets, JSP, HTML, JS, CSS and image files , deployment descriptors (web.xml) and other configuration XML files.