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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Download Visual Studio 2010 Express/Professional Edition

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4. Lots of great things being included in Visual Studio 2010 with regards to ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC 2, Entity Framework 4, new Windows Presentation Framework(WPF) code editor, multi-monitor support, etc.

Visual Studio 2010 Express is the lightweight version of Visual Studio 2010. You can download the Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition for free forever or download Visual Studio 2010 Professional on a trial basis, before purchase Visual Studio 2010 and there are no licensing restrictions for applications built using Visual Studio Express Editions.

Download from

Download Visual Studio 2010 Express as an ISO VS2010Express1.iso or you can just install it via the Web Platform Installer. Download Visual Studio 2010 Professional on a trial basis here.

Registration is required to continue using Visual Studio 2010 Express, other wise it run for only 30 days evaluation purpose only. Registration is free and once activated, no warning message.

Visual Studio 2010 Express product consist of:
• Visual Basic 2008/2010, Visual C# 2008/2010, Visual C++ 2008/2010.
• Visual Web Developer 2008/2010(Easy to develop dynamic Web application)
• SQL Server Express and SQL Server Compact Edition

Users can't develop Windows GUI application using the Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition, because it missing some of features such as MFC/ATL, and Windows GUI libraries.

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James Sigler said...

Microsoft Embedded CE support is still missing from Visual Studio 2010. They did not want to delay the release any longer. I am still waiting for information on that. I am wondering if we purchased Visual Studio 2010 Professional, will we get Microsoft Embedded CE as part of a Service Pack, or will we have to buy that separately? Rumor has it that Windows Embedded CE support will be released later this fall.