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Friday, October 26, 2012

CRM Report Wizard

The following table compares the features of charts and dashboards with those of the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Wizard.
Charts and DashboardsSQL Server Reporting Services Report Wizard
Report outputInline visualizations  presented within Microsoft Dynamics CRM grids and formsWeb-based reports that can be exported to additional formats, such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, and CS
Ability to schedule reports for email deliveryNoYes
Ability to include data from multiple record types in resultsNoYes
Ability to prompt users to enter parameters before running reportsNoYes

CRM includes 25 standard SQL Server Reporting Services reports in the base product.

Report Name
Account Summary, Account Overview, Account Distribution - Marketing, Sales, Service
User Summary , Activities - Other
Campaign Activity Status, Campaign Comparison,Campaign Performance - Marketing
Service Activity Volume, Top Knowledge Base Articles, Case Summary Table, Neglected Leads - Service
Order, Products By Account, Products By Contact, Progress Against Goals, Quote, Sales History, Sales Pipeline, Neglected Accounts, Neglected Cases, Competitor Win Loss, Invoice, Invoice Status - Sales
Lead Source Effectiveness - Marketing, Sales
Creating a Report with the Report Wizard
In the Workplace area, click Reports -> New -> click the Report Wizard button.

Scheduling a Report
In the Workplace area, click Reports -> Select Report - >  click Schedule Report.

Categorizing a Report
By default, the following categories are available for reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
Administrative Reports
Marketing Reports
Sales Reports
Service Reports

In the Workplace area, click Reports. -> Select Report -> In the Categorization section

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