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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SSRS - Page Break

Customize Page Break
1)Right Click the data row, choose Add Group -> Row Group - Parent Group.

2) Tablix group pop window will be appear, click "fx" button, to enter  the below code (page break by every 30 rows)
= CEILING(RowNumber(Nothing)/30)
Press OK button.

3) Right click over the Group1, select the Group Properties, Popup window will be appear.

Change Name (General), Checked "Between each instance of a group" (Page Breaks)

Press OK button.

3) Once again, Right Click the data row, choose Delete Columns. Select "Delete columns only". Press OK button.

That's is, your customize page break is done.

Row background color
Each row either white or wheat background color, select row details, set the below code in backgroundcolor properties.

 =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) mod 2, "Wheat", "White")