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Monday, August 17, 2020

Create a Kubernetes service using a YAML

Instead of exposing directly (see the blog), create a service in a declarative way using a YAML file

forntendmvc_service .yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
 name: myapp-svc
  type: NodePort
    - port:80
      nodePort: 30001
  • The selector, to indicate which pods will be exposed.
    • "app: myapp" - is one of the labels of the pods. (see the POD blog)
    • Labels in K8s are not only a way to add some information to elements, but are also used to connect them.  
    • In this case, connecting the service with the pods, and tell the system to select all pods that have the label myapp for the service.
    • To select the pods, you can also use all the labels in the selector
  • The service type, NodePort and the ports mapping, in this case, the HTTP port 80 and NodePort 30001 of the cluster. 

Delete the previous service(see the blog) 

kubectl delete service myapp-rc-service

Create the service using a YAML script 

kubectl create -f forntendmvc_service .yaml

Browse the site, http://localhost:30001

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