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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deploying SSIS Packages in SQL Server 2008/2012

1) Create the SSIS Package and Execute it.

2) After executing the solution, the deployment utility is created in the default location if the build is completed successfully. Navigate to the (default location) deployment folder, C:\SSIS\Packages\Import\ExcelFile\bin\Deployment in our case and we will find the deployment files i.e. the integration services project deployment file (ExcelFile.ispac).

3) Copy the Deployment file(local machine)  to the SQL Server Server (Target Server).

4) Launch the Integration Services Deployment Wizard by double clicking on the Project Deployment  File (ExcelFile.ispac). The image below shows the Introduction Page of the Deployment Wizard: 

There are 2 options to deploy the SSIS packages.
a) File System Deployment and b) SQL Server Deployment

For this blog, i choose a) File System Deployment

5) Click Next and the wizard shows the 'Select Source' page, don't change any settings, just leave it.

6) Click Next and the wizard shows the 'Select Destination' page. Browse the local server name and also Browse the SSIDB folder path.

7) Click Next and the wizard shows the 'Review' page

8) Click Deploy to complete the deployment.

9) Go to the Deployed SQL Server, Select Integration Services Catalogs -> SVRS2CRM -> Projects -> Vot....rt -> Packages -> [See all packages].dtsx

10) Right click the package and 'Execute' the package.

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