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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blazor Event Handling - onclick, onmousemove, onchange

1. onclick event

        Component View
<button @onclick="@Button_Click">@ButtonText</button>
<div class="text-left @CssClass"><img src="@Photo" /></div>
        Component Class
protected string ButtonText { get; set; } = "Hide";
protected string CssClass { get; set; } = null;
protected void Button_Click()
    if (ButtonText == "Hide")
ButtonText = "Show";
CssClass = "HideImage";
CssClass = null;
ButtonText = "Hide";
        CSS Class

2. onmousemove event

<img src="@Photo" @onmousemove="@Mouse_Move" /><h1>@DisplayXY</h1>
protected string DisplayXY{ get; set; }

protected void Mouse_Move(MouseEventArgs e)
    DisplayText= $"{e.ClientX } , {e.ClientY}";
         Event handling using a lambda expression 
<img src="@Photo" @onmousemove="@(e => DisplayXY= $"{e.ClientX} ,{e.ClientY}")" />

3. onchange  event

<input value="@Name" @onchange="@(e => { Name = e.Value.ToString(); })" />

        OR using 2 way data binding
<input @bind="Name" />

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